Making a Unique-Voiced Follower in Skyrim — Addendum

It’s approaching a year since I originally wrote the voiced follower guide. This post is about relaying lessons learnt and links that are useful. It may be especially of use to anyone about to undertake the guide.

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Hey I've been reading through your guide on making custom followers for Skyrim and adding unique voice files. For some reason (and I've looked over your guide at least 6 times) I cannot get the voice files to preview in the CK OR show up in game. The subtitles work fine. I even got the follower's lips to move at one point... just no sound. If you have time could you offer some suggestions? THANKS SO MUCH! -RevrasAnonymous

(For anyone not aware, this is related to my guide Making a Unique-Voiced Follower in Skyrim.)

Given that you’ve checked your work six times (!) against the guide I’m pretty sure you’re not making some simple mistake.

I imagine you’re using WAV files (as the guide instructs)? I have heard that the Creation Kit and/or Skyrim can have problems with WAV files. Specifically, from this page, I have read:

The game engine occasionally fails to playback audio files saved in the WAV/XMW format for reasons yet to be deciphered. To workaround this bug, FUZE equivalents of the voice assets need to be created. This can be done by converting the source WAV files (when applicable) to the XWM format, and subsequently to FUZ by pairing them with their LIP files.

I talk about FUZ files in part 10 of the guide, under the section “Other Archiving Information”.

Hopefully this information will give you something to go on.

Good luck!

I've been loving your Skyrim tutorials so far. They've helped me go from a complete beginner to a complete beginner with 4 new uniquely-voiced followers under his belt! One question though: The one thing I've had trouble finding so far is the location of facial scars for customization. They don't seem to be in any sliders, and from what I've heard they're considered to be items. How do I find and place them on new actors? Please help!Anonymous

(For anyone not aware, this is related to my guide Making a Unique-Voiced Follower in Skyrim.)

I’m sorry. Firstly, for the length of time it took me to answer this question.

Secondly, for the nature of the answer: I simply don’t know. Karl Pilkington hasn’t got a facial scar so I never had the need to figure it out.

Hopefully the answers exist out there somewhere for you.

Hi, These tutorials are just the best! I was hoping you could help me out with a problem I've come across while making my own mod. I used your method of copying another NPC follower's quest info. It worked perfectly, until I had to add the audio. I found out that the voice files (dialoguefollower_numbers wav) are not being saved to the right directory(Data\sound\voice\skyrimdotesm\voicetype instead of mymoddotesp\voicetype) Have you heard of this happening before? Any ideas on how to fix it?Anonymous

(For anyone not aware, this is related to my guide Making a Unique-Voiced Follower in Skyrim.)

That is actually not a problem. Everything should work fine like that.

The reason they are going into other folders is down to what Quest they’re in. When you’re copying another NPC follower’s bits of dialogue that’s part of a Quest that’s native to the Skyrim “mod”. So it lives in the Skyrim.esm directory. Any dialogue that’s part of a quest you create from scratch, however, lives in your mod and so goes in MyMod.esp.

I talk more about this in steps 8 and 10 in Part 10 of the guide.

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